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Cruising and Health: Staying Fit on the High Seas

As much as I’d love to start this article with a tale of my own nautical adventures, the best I can do is that one time I got seasick on a ferry to Rottnest Island. But hey, you don’t need to be an experienced sailor to know that staying fit while cruising can be a real challenge. Between the endless buffets, tempting cocktail menus, and comfy sun loungers, it’s easy to throw caution (and your fitness routine) to the wind.

But fear not, fellow Gen Z cruisers! Just because you’re sailing across the high seas doesn’t mean your health has to take a dive. Here are some tips for staying fit and healthy during your cruise vacation without sacrificing all those little indulgences that make cruising so great.

1. Make Use of Onboard Fitness Facilities

Most modern cruise ships come equipped with state-of-the-art fitness centres that rival even the fanciest gyms back home. Some even offer group classes like yoga or spin sessions – perfect if you need some motivation or just fancy making new friends while breaking a sweat.

I remember on my last cruise (well, if we’re being honest, my only cruise), I was pleasantly surprised by how well-equipped the gym was. It had everything from treadmills overlooking the ocean to weights and even Pilates equipment – definitely not something you’d find in my tiny apartment gym!

2. Stay Active During Shore Excursions

Cruise itineraries often include shore excursions at various ports of call. Instead of opting for bus tours or shopping trips, why not choose activities that get your heart pumping? Hiking local trails, snorkelling in crystal clear waters or exploring a new city by bike can be fun ways to stay active while soaking up the local culture.

3. Don’t Forget to Hydrate

It’s easy to forget about drinking water when you’re sipping on mojitos and basking in the sun. But staying hydrated is crucial, especially in warmer climates where you’re likely to sweat more. Keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times and make sure it’s always filled up. Trust me, your body will thank you for it!

4. Make Smart Food Choices

Cruises are notorious for their abundance of food options, and while it’s tempting to try everything on offer (I’m looking at you, midnight chocolate buffet), making mindful choices can help maintain your health without feeling like you’re missing out.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast full of protein and fibre to keep you satisfied throughout the morning. Opt for grilled or steamed dishes over fried ones, fill half your plate with veggies at the buffet, and remember that portion control is key – even when faced with an all-you-can-eat dessert bar!

5. Take Advantage of Onboard Wellness Programs

Many cruise lines now offer wellness programs that include fitness classes, nutrition workshops, and even personal training sessions. These resources can be incredibly helpful if you’re unsure how to navigate staying healthy while cruising.

I once attended a yoga class during a sea day on my cruise – not only was it a great workout but doing downward dog while floating in the middle of the ocean was an experience I’ll never forget!

6. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Last but certainly not least: sleep! Just because there’s 24/7 entertainment doesn’t mean we need to be partying around the clock. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night – it’s crucial for your overall health and wellbeing, plus it helps keep those pesky cravings at bay.

Remember, cruising is all about balance. It’s perfectly okay to indulge in a cocktail (or two) and enjoy the onboard amenities. But by incorporating these tips into your cruise routine, you can ensure you return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – instead of needing another holiday to recover from your holiday!

So next time you’re cruising the high seas, remember this advice from a girl who once got seasick on a ferry: staying fit while cruising isn’t as hard as it seems. And if I can do it, so can you!


Sophie is a vibrant and multifaceted individual who beautifully intertwines her diverse heritage, with her contemporary interests and beliefs. A passionate devotee of weight training, Sophie finds strength and empowerment in her physical regimen, which aligns seamlessly with her deeply spiritual nature. This spiritual depth is a cornerstone of her character, informing her perspectives and enriching her approach to life's challenges and joys.

In her professional life, Sophie has carved out a niche as a junior author for the thought-provoking blog, "Illusions of Wisdom." Here, she expertly delves into issues that resonate with Generation Z, offering insightful, articulate, and nuanced perspectives. Her writing not only reflects the pulse of her generation but also echoes the wisdom and sensitivity of someone deeply connected to their cultural roots and personal passions. Whether discussing mental health, environmental concerns, or the evolving landscape of digital interactions, Sophie's voice is both a guiding light and a mirror for her peers.

Her work on "Illusions of Wisdom" is characterised by a rare blend of authenticity and analytical acumen, making her a beloved figure among her readers. As Sophie continues to explore and express her multifaceted identity through her writing, she remains an inspiration to many, embodying the spirit of a generation that values both strength and introspection.

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