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Discovering the Joys of Solo Travel

Travelling alone can seem daunting from the comfort of home. What happens if you get stranded somewhere? Can you go out at night solo? Won’t it feel weird to eat in a restaurant alone? All these thoughts can be intimidating, but that shouldn’t stop you from heading out into the world. With sensible planning and precautions, you’ll soon fall in love with the incredible freedom that solo travel offers.

The Freedom of Choice

The first thing you’ll discover when travelling alone is the absolute freedom it brings. You’re not bound by anyone else’s needs or preferences. You can wake up when you want, eat where and when you want, spend as long as you like in a museum or rush through it to get to the next attraction.

Solo travel gives you complete control over your itinerary. If you want to spend all day exploring a single street or park because it’s captured your imagination, there’s no one stopping you. This level of independence can be incredibly liberating.


Another joy of solo travel is self-discovery. When we’re away from familiar places and faces, we often gain new perspectives on our life and ourselves. We learn how we react under stress, how resourceful we can be when things go awry, what truly interests us, and what doesn’t matter so much anymore.

Solo travel allows for deep introspection during downtime — something that might not happen as readily when travelling with others.

Building Confidence

Solo travel inevitably involves overcoming challenges — navigating unfamiliar public transport systems, ordering food in a different language, finding your way around an unknown city — all these experiences build resilience and confidence.

You’ll be surprised at how capable you are when you’re out there on your own, figuring things out. This newfound confidence often seeps into other areas of life, making solo travellers more assertive and self-assured in general.

Meeting New People

Just because you’re travelling alone doesn’t mean you’ll always be alone. Solo travel can actually make it easier to meet locals and other travellers. When you’re on your own, you’re more likely to strike up conversations with strangers.

In addition, many cities have group tours and social events specifically catering to solo travellers that can help you connect with others. The friendships formed during these encounters often last long after the trip has ended.

Solo Travel Safety

While solo travel offers numerous benefits, it’s important to stay vigilant about safety. Always let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Regularly check-in with family or friends back home so they know you’re safe.

Research your destination thoroughly before leaving — understand local customs, dress codes, rules and regulations, potential hazards and safe zones in the city. Keep digital copies of all important documents like passport, visa, tickets etc., as well as physical copies stored separately from the originals.

Tips for Eating Out Alone

Eating out alone is a common fear for first-time solo travellers but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Take a book or a journal with you — they make great dining companions! Choose communal tables or sit at the bar where interaction is more likely.

You could also consider taking cooking classes where food becomes an experience rather than just a meal; this not only allows for social interaction but also gives insight into the local cuisine and culture.

The Joys are Endless

In the end, solo travel is about freedom, self-discovery and adventure. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the unknown. It’s about making your own decisions, for better or worse, and owning them. And above all else, it’s about experiencing the world on your terms.

So take the leap. Plan that solo trip you’ve been dreaming of. The world is waiting for you to discover it — and in the process, discover yourself.


Gerard is a distinguished individual with a passion for the written word. With a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Sydney and a Master's in Creative Writing from the University of Melbourne, he has a firm grounding in the classics as well as a modern take on storytelling.

Gerard's career began in journalism, where he honed his skills in research and narrative, eventually transitioning into blogging to share his insights on a more personal platform. His blog, "Illusions of Wisdom", has become a popular source of commentary on a variety of topics, ranging from contemporary literature to societal observations, all infused with his signature wit and thoughtful analysis.

A man of eclectic tastes, Gerard is an avid collector of vintage typewriters, finding the mechanical beauty and history of each piece fascinating. When he's not clacking away at the keys of his latest find, he indulges in his love for nature through gardening. His backyard is a testament to this passion, with an array of native Australian plants that not only thrive in the local climate but also attract a variety of birdlife, which Gerard takes great joy in observing.

Gerard is also a keen traveller, having ventured across continents to explore different cultures and their stories. This love for exploration is not limited to the physical world; he's equally comfortable diving into the digital realm, where he engages with fellow enthusiasts in discussions about the intersection of technology and literature.

In his downtime, Gerard is an amateur chess player and enjoys the strategic depth of the game. He also finds solace in the calming strokes of watercolour painting, a hobby that complements his writing by allowing him to express himself in a burst of colour.

Through his blog, Gerard continues to inspire his readers, encouraging them to find beauty in the mundane and to always remain curious about the world around them.

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